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Cherry Blossom Festival Sunday April 3, 2022

2:00  Japanese Gardening in Arkansas – Every wonder if it would be possible to have a Japanese Garden in Arkansas? Jim Elmore has spent years creating a breathtaking Japanese garden paradise on the shores of Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs.  Jim will share photos, tips on what works and doesn’t work for our climate and answer questions.  Registration is free, but space is limited – Sign Up

3:00  Zen – Zen meditation, also known as Zazen, is a meditation technique rooted in Buddhism. Jonathan Westmoreland, a practicing Buddhist since 1989 and member of the Hot Springs Buddhist Society speak on Zen meditation and the elements of a  Zen Garden. Registration for this workshop is $20 and participants will receive table top Zen garden to create their own peaceful meditation space at home.  – Sign Up

4:00  Bento – How to make a delicious and beautiful bento box. This hands on workshop will include demonstration and hand-on instruction on how to create these traditional Japanese lunch boxes. Workshop cost is $20 and includes accessories and box (food not included). – Sign Up

The Art of Sake – Learn about sake history, how it is brewed, about brewing in the United States, and if you are over 21 the opportunity to taste premium sakes. $25 per person
Tasting times: Limit ten people per time slot
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